Fitmeter Run

Track your run

Start, Pause and Stop your session. Your path and all your stats will be tracked using the GPS function of your iPhone. If you don’t move, the app automatically detects the pause after some seconds.

Review activity

Your activities are being stored in your history database where you can review your sessions

You can see your path on a full screen map.

These stats will be recorded / calculated for you: duration, pause, distance, average pace, fastest mile, split times, uphill, downhill, burnt calories. Heart-rate with an additional sensor or an Apple Watch.


See the most important results in statistical overview. Define your timeframe in weeks, months or years.

Track your average pace, distance, duration and elevation changes.

Watch only

Record your run with just your Apple Watch and leave your iPhone at home. The session data will be uploaded when you’re back.

Additionally you can use your Watch to measure your heart rate during your workout. 

Heart rate sensor

As an alternative to your Apple Watch you can also use heart rate sensors according to the Bluetooth 4.0 LE specification.


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