Fitmeter Bike & Run

Fitmeter apps turn your iPhone into a bicycle / running computer with incredible functionality. Track your route, speed, distance, elevation, heart-rate and many more …

Whether you are an amateur that is just starting, or a pro preparing for a competition, Fitmeter Bike & Run are the advanced apps you need to track your workout


This app beats any bike computer. Run the app only on your iPhone, or together with the Apple Watch.

Your session is tracked GPS based and all data is presented in real-time. View your current speed, average speed, distance and more. Everything you track is kept organized in History for later viewing.


20+ running tracking features in your pocket! Turn your iPhone into a running computer and track your workout GPS based.

Watch-only-mode: Record your run with just your Apple Watch and leave your iPhone at home. The session data will be uploaded when you’re back.